Doterra Essential Oils 
~Samples 1ml, 2ml bottle

Traveling or Gift 
1ml (1/4 Dram)Amber Glass Vial bottle
2.3ml (5/8 dram) Amber Glass Vial bottle
Label on top of cap 

These samples are filled/made from full sized doterra bottles. 
All oils are DOTERRA brand, PURE, undiluted
These are perfect to try the oil before you commit to a larger size bottle

Marjoram essential oils samples(1ml,2ml)

ml / price
  • ALSO REFERRED TO AS "WINTERSWEET" OR "JOY OF THE MOUNTAINS", MARJORAM IS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON HERBS FOUND IN KITCHENS AROUND THE WORLD. Marjoram is often thought of to address sore muscles, joints, sprains, and back pain as it is a natural muscle relaxant. It also has respiratory and digestive uses. It is also often used for tension headaches or migraines. Similarly Marjoram is effective relieving stress and helping insomnia.

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