Clear Care Triple Action Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution 24 oz

Twin Pack 2 x 12 Oz
3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Triple Action Cleaning:

Deep Cleans
Loosens Dirt
Enhances Protein Removal
A convenient and highly effective hydrogen peroxide based system for simultaneous cleaning, daily protein removal and disinfecting of soft (hydrophilic) and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses as recommended by your eye care professional.  Triple action cleaning.  Sterile.

This product is ideal for you if you want excellent comfort, experience lens-related dryness and irritation with other solutions and are sensitive to certain chemicals.

What's Inside Makes the Difference:

3% Hydrogen peroxide:  You see it working.  Kills germs and bacteria that can cause serious infections.  Bubbling action removes protein, dirt and build-up.
Disposable lens case with neutralizing disc:  After neutralization, no preservatives or harsh chemicals enter your eye.  Neutralizes the active disinfectant to create a gentle saline solution close to your own tears.
Pluronic 17R4:  For clean, comfortable lenses.  Built-in cleaner.  Cleans soft contact lenses without rubbing.

2 - Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution Bottles Sterile (12 fl oz / 355 mL)
1 - Lens Case with Neutralizing Disc
Made in USA

Do not squirt Clear Care directly into your eyes or burning and stinging will result.  Do not use flat lens case. Clear Care only works with the special lens case provided.  Do not remove lenses from case until at least 6 hours later.  The solution needs time to neutralize.  Never rinse your contact lenses with Clear Care before your put them in your eyes.  If you want to rinse lenses, use sterile saline.

There are no known contraindications for use of Clear Care.  If you are allergic to any ingredient in this solution, do not use.

Micro-Filtered Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Chloride, Stabilized with, (Phosphoric Acid, Phosphate Buffered System, Pluronic 17R4 (A cleaning agent))

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