ARC'TERYX Carrier Duffle 100

ARCTERYX Carrier Duffle. Lightweight, highly water resistant, mid-size 98 liter duffle bag with removable, adjustable webbing shoulder straps.

Gear duffle bags are convenient and practical. Extremely lightweight and durable, Carrier Duffles make for easy packing and transportation; they are highly water resistant, easy to clean, and can be carried over the shoulder or as a backpack (50 & 100).

Built using Advanced Composite Construction (AC²), the bags have taped seams that prevent leakage and feature N400r-AC2 nylon 6 ripstop fabric that has a white coated interior that helps illuminate the duffle's contents. Adjustable shoulder straps and grab handles on all four sides make them easy to grab and go.

Body: N400r-AC² nylon 6 ripstop is coated on both sides to create an air impermeable, waterproof textile. White pigmented inner surface reflects light to help reveal the contents of the bag. Seams are taped to prevent leaking.

Shoulder straps: 500p-HT ATY nylon 6,6 silicone treated with PU is used in shoulder straps for its durability and aesthetic properties. Silicone treatment helps prevent dirt, snow and water pick-up. Hypercell foam has the benefit of being an open cell polyurethane foam that provides stability and comfort.
Weight: 0.68 kg / 24 oz
Volume: 98 L / 5980 cu in
Fabrics: N400r-AC2 nylon 6 ripstop

아크테릭스 캐리어 더플 100

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