Valandre Shocking Blue Down Sleeping Bag
Valandre Shocking Blue Down Sleeping Bag. The Shocking Blue revolutionized sleeping bag designs. Its name comes from the incredible technological and design innovations built in the bag. The challenge was the complexity of assembling 91 different pieces in 3D, with a simple inside stitch on all baffles. A challenge the sewing team in Belcaire, France faced successfully. The interior of the Shocking Blue is mounted using pre-cut anatomical shaped baffles.

Throughout the bag, the baffle height varies, with a smaller height on the leg section and a increased height on the body/chest section. The hood of the Shocking Blue uses a 3D half moon technique that offers maximum insulation. As the Shocking Blue is a cylindrical Tubular Bell design, the draft collar is incorporated like the separation wall. The hole in this down filled wall is big enough to seal off your neck with a down jacket on. This collar system has been nicknamed the "Marie Antoinette draft collar". Black toes are not fun so Valandre designed the "Pyeneean foot box".

In principle, it's a reversed trapezoidal and slightly angled down foot box that follows the natural flex of the feet. The foot box is mounted using pre-cut anatomical baffles. The end result is a foot box capable of holding itself up. Therefore there are NO direct contacts between the toes and the top of the foot box. The technology of the baffle system in the Shocking Blue results in an amazing comfort and performance level. All physical and direct contact is removed in the foot box.

The down filled membrane is expanding away from the body. What you feel using this bag is a total weight liberation. As if the down membrane is strangely "floating" over your body. There is total liberty for the down cluster to expand in all directions giving it a serious increase in performance.

발란드레 쇼킹블루 다운 슬리핑백Valandre Shocking Blue Down

  • Comfort Rating: 10.4° F; Extreme: -23.8° F Carry Weight: 46.2 oz./1310 g (sm), 48.6 oz./1378 g (md), 52.8 oz./1497 g (md) Size: 39" x 66.9" (sm), 41.7" x 72.8" (md), 44.5" x 78.7" (lg) Carry Size: 9.5 L Fill: Goose 850+ Fill Weight: 25.7 oz./729 g (sm), 27.5 oz./780 g (md), 29.5 oz./836 g (lg) Shell: Asahi-Kasei 1.1oz Nylon 6.6 Rip-Stop - DWR Liner: Asahi-Kasei anti-static Polyester Rip-Stop - DWR Fits To: 5'6" (sm), 6' (md), 6'6" (lg)

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