Bobbi Brown Face Mist 3.4 oz. 100 mL
What it is: 
A facial mist with a lightweight, nutrient-rich formula that hydrates, soothes, refreshes, and gives skin an instant, healthy glow. 

What it is formulated to do: 
This soothing mist plumps and refreshes skin instantly while improving moisture and conditioning over time. The formula hydrates with glycerine and panthenol, while caffeine, chamomile, cucumber, and green tea extracts help soothe and calm skin. The ultrafine mist can also be used to set any makeup look for a healthy glow and is perfect for giving skin an instant boost of hydration and radiance, whenever it's needed.
Suggested Usage: 
-Apply on bare skin or over makeup as desired. 
-For best results, hold bottle at arm's length and lightly mist over face

바비브라운 페이스 미스트 3.4 oz. 100 mL

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